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Madison Preventative Dental Care

Preventative dental care Madison

Affordable Family Dentistry

Total Care Dental provides you with excellent, comprehensive Madison dental health care. The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends you visit your local family dentist for a checkup at a minimum of twice per year. Nearly every dental health issue can be prevented with a routine dental exam and teeth cleaning. Our compassionate Madison family dentists will thoroughly clean your teeth and thoroughly check your teeth, bone structure, gums, jaw, tongue and other soft tissues in your mouth during your preventative dental checkup. These routine checkups can help with the early detection of any potential oral health issues long before the onset of noticeable symptoms.

An essential tool used to help with early detection of potential dental health issues are radiographs. Radiographs can identify cavities and other dental health concerns unnoticeable to the naked eye. If the start of a cavity is detected during a checkup, our dedicated Madison dentists can provide treatment with a filling. Our composite resin fillings repair damage before it requires a more extensive dental treatment such as a crown, root canal or the loss of your tooth completely.

Dental Checkups and Cleanings Maintain Overall Health

Besides preventing cavities and other tooth problems, routine dental checkups and cleanings are an important part in maintaining your family’s health. The mouth is teeming with bacteria. Most of these bacteria are entirely harmless, but some can cause serious illness if allowed to multiply. Large numbers of harmful bacteria can lead to gum inflammation and possible infections, both diabetes and heart disease have been found to correlate with certain oral infections as well. Staying on top of your regularly scheduled dental cleanings and checkups will help prevent bacterial overgrowth and lessens the risk of developing serious health complications.

The Dentist: Your Ally in Preventing Illness

Dental Exam in MadisonAvoiding problems with your teeth and mouth is only one part of preventative dental services. Your dentist is a knowledge resource for health problems related to any part of your head. Problems with your ears or nose may be related to oral issues. While your dentist is not an ENT specialist, discussing any health concerns you have could help prevent a serious illness from developing or spreading. When visiting Madison’s Total Care Dental for routine preventative dental services, do not be afraid to mention any pain or discomfort anywhere in your head. Your dentist may be able to solve the problem or refer you to a specialist.

Regular dental checkups are important for the whole family from early childhood on. Preventative dental care can minimize your risk for more painful or severe dental health issues and higher dental expenses in the future. Make it a family routine to come visit Total Care Dental every 6 months. Request an appointment with your #1 Madison family dental clinic online now or give us a call at 608-274-1911 today.

Monitoring Your Teeth

Another benefit of regular preventative dentist visits is keeping track of how your teeth have changed. Twice annual visits can be the difference between a simple oral health solution now and a more involved procedure later.

  • Braces – If your teeth start to go crooked, they can lead to a lot of oral health problems. Overlapped teeth makes it harder to brush and floss, resulting in cavities. Teeth hitting each other can cause chipping and uneven wearing down. Invisalign braces can correct your crooked teeth without being an eyesore like traditional metal braces.
  • Cavities and root canals – When cavities first form, they can be very small and hard to see. Regular dentist appointments allow our dentists to monitor the speed and growth of cavities as they appear. Even after a cavity has been filled, it can lead to root damage. X-rays during your exams will show whether or not you will need a root canal.
  • Cracks – Cracks can form in your teeth from biting on hard foot, getting hit in the mouth, or aging. Early detection means more treatment options.
  • Wisdom teeth – As wisdom teeth erupt from the gums, they move the other teeth to make room. Some jaws can hold these extra teeth while others cannot. Regular dental appointments allow dentists to watch as the new molars come in to determine if they will need to be removed.
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Preventative Dental Care FAQ

Q: How much of a difference does preventative dental care make?

A: Seeing a dentist twice a year (minimum) can help people of all ages stay healthy. By visiting our Madison dental clinic, we can address damage or problems before it progresses to something worse.

Q: What are the best ways to care for my teeth?

A: Regular brushing and flossing are your first defense from cavities, gum disease, and other oral health problems. Visit your dentist at least twice a year and schedule additional exams if you think or feel something is wrong.

Q: How often should I see a dentist?

A: At minimum, you should see your dentist twice a year, with appointments roughly six months apart.

Q: Are there reasons some people should see a dentist more often?

A: Yes, some patients should see their dentist more often if they have specific oral health concerns, missing teeth, dental surgery, or other factors which puts their mouth at greater risk.

Q: Why do I need to get X-rays at my dental exam?

A: X-rays are not always required during dental exams. When taken, they are used to determine whether teeth have shifted or grown in. For example, using X-rays will show if your wisdom teeth are coming in straight or if they will have to be removed.

Q: Does preventative dental care only protect my teeth?

A: No, preventative care does so much more than check your teeth. The dentists of TCD in Madison will check your gums, tongue, and throat to ensure you’re in perfect oral health.

Q: Do I still need to see a dentist if I have missing teeth?

A: Yes! Whether you are missing one tooth or all of them, you still need to visit your dentist to maintain your oral health.

Q: Should I see a dentist regularly if I wear dentures, veneers, or have dental implants?

A: Yes! Even if you have false teeth, they still need to be maintained and cleaned alongside your natural teeth. Dentures have to be resized and replaced every few years, another reason for regular visits.

Q: When should kids start seeing the dentist?

A: Kids can start seeing a dentist before their first tooth has even come in. This will ensure they have healthy gums and their teeth are coming in normally. At Total Care Dental, we recommend children have their first dental exam around age 3.

Q: Which diseases and conditions can be found through preventative dental care?

A: For starters, preventative dental care can prevent the formation of cavities, tooth decay, and gum disease. Other oral issues like TMJ, bruxism, and even sleep apnea can all be discovered during a regular exam. Oral cancer screenings are recommended to find oral cancer before it has a chance to spread.

Q: I haven’t been to the dentist in a long time. Is it too late for preventative care?

A: It is never too late to start caring for your teeth and oral health. Even if you haven’t had a checkup or cleaning in years, our dentists will get your teeth back on track. We will be able to find cavities, whiten your teeth, or perform other restorative services.

Q: How can I tell if I have a cavity?

A: You might have a cavity if you develop a sudden sensitivity to hot or cold food and drink in one tooth. A toothache from chewing is another potential sign, as is bad breath from the bacteria trapped in the cavity. Finally, you might see a dark spot or hole in your tooth if you perform a visual inspection.

Q: How can I tell if my wisdom teeth are coming in?

A: Wisdom teeth appear in your mouth the same way adult teeth replace baby teeth. As a result, one of the first signs of a wisdom tooth coming in is bleeding, swelling, or redness in the gums.

Another symptom is jaw pain near where the wisdom tooth is erupting. Since the process of a wisdom tooth coming in takes time, you may notice a recurring pain over the course of several months.

There is a chance your wisdom teeth will come in completely straight and act as functional molars. If the teeth do not come in straight, they will most likely have to be removed to prevent damage to the rest of your teeth, gums, and jaw.

Q: What should I do if a tooth falls out?

A: First, find the tooth and place it in a glass of milk or saline solution. While you may want to clean the tooth, it is important you do not scrub since you might cause more damage. Only rinse the tooth. Next, call your Madison dentists at Total Care Dental to schedule an appointment as soon as possible. It is possible we will be able to reinsert your tooth.

Q: If I notice a problem with my teeth, should I wait for my next checkup or schedule an appointment right away?

A: If you have any sort of pain or problem with your teeth, schedule an appointment with our Madison dentists right away. The sooner the problem is assessed, the sooner you can be pain-free again.

Q: How can I best take care of my teeth between checkups?

A: Always remember to brush and floss at least once a day. Use a mouth guard when participating in contact sports or rigorous exercises. Know which foods to avoid as well.

Q: How can I afford preventative dental care?

A: Even if you do not have insurance, seeing the dentist twice a year is easily affordable with the financing options offered by TCD. We accept most form of payment, from cash to personal checks to most major credit cards. We are also proud to accept CareCredit cards and Illumisure.

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