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State of the Art Dental Technology

Madison Dental TechnologyHow the Latest X-Rays and 3D Imaging Machines Improve Oral Health

We are proud to offer you the most advanced technology which means shorter, more comfortable visits. State of the art technology ensures predictable, long-lasting, and naturally beautiful dentistry results. With our affordable dental financing plans, you will be able to get a beautiful smile even without dental insurance.

Why Better Technology Matters

If you have a toothache, you know every extra second of pain in unbearable. Thanks to new technology, finding a treatment plan for your pain is easier than ever. Our Madison dentists are able to use everything from digital X-rays to lasers to determine the source of your oral health problems. There’s no more delays from guesswork.

With our latest technology, Total Care Dental offers only the best treatment and diagnostic tools. Our Vizilite oral cancer screening gives patients an earlier diagnosis, meaning treatment can begin sooner. Clincheck 3D Treatment Planning allows you to see how Invisalign braces will correct your teeth, giving you an idea of what your new smile will look like.

3D Imaging of Teeth

Advanced Dentistry Techniques

Along with new technology comes new advances in everyday dental practices. Our dentists keep up with the latest practices in order to deliver the best dental experience to our patients. Getting a filling, root canal, or dental implant takes a fraction of the time they once did thanks to our expert team. We also offer replacement of mercury fillings with healthier resin filling.

Request a free cosmetic dentistry consultation or schedule a regular appointment for preventative care. Total Care Dental is ready to help you achieve a beautiful, healthful smile.

Learn about all our technology:

  • Digital X-Ray - emits 90% less radiation than traditional x-ray
  • 3D Imaging of Teeth - aids in precise diagnosis and implant placement
  • Soft Tissue Laser - for aesthetic gum contouring, periodontal therapy
  • Vizilite Oral Cancer screening - for early detection of oral cancer
  • Diagnodent Laser - for early detection of tooth decay
  • Digital Photography - for patient, doctor, and laboratory communication
  • Intraoral Cameras - captures detailed, close-up pictures of your teeth
  • Clincheck 3D Treatment Planning – predicts end results of Invisalign braces
  • Telescopic Loupes – sees past what the naked eye can detect
  • Prophy Jet Cavitron - removes plaque and stains easily during cleanings
  • TScan/JVA - detects interferences in your bite and to diagnose TMJ (Temporomandibular joint) disorders
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