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Preventative dental services

Preventative dental care in Madison, WI

Total Care Dental is here to help you stay on top of your oral health needs with comprehensive preventative services. We accept a variety of major insurance providers and offer financing/payment plan options on preventative care dental services. 

Types of preventative care:

Bi-annual dental exams

Total Care Dental provides you with excellent, comprehensive and preventative oral health care in Madison. The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends visiting your local dentist for a check-up at least twice yearly. Nearly every dental health issue can be prevented with routine dental exams and teeth cleaning.

Basic preventive dentistry includes:

  • Annual checkups
  • Brushing
  • Flossing
  • Eating healthy food

Why is Preventative Dentistry Important? 

The main two causes of tooth loss are decay and gum disease. Regular teeth cleanings and good oral hygiene are key to preventing these dental problems. At your routine check-up, you'll learn the best oral hygiene techniques to remove plaque known to form on your teeth. You may also need recommendations for oral care products, your diet or how to quit bad habits for maintaining your oral health in between dental visits. 

Dental exams and teeth cleaning for gum disease prevention in Madison

Preventative dentistry is also important for discovering oral health issues before they become worse. At routine appointments, your dentist can check for early signs of oral cancer, periodontal disease and bruxism. If you go too long without visiting your dentist, it could result in damage to your teeth, mouth, gums and even overall health. Early detection of oral health problems could save you money on costly treatments.

Can diet affect my teeth?

Yes, any food and drinks containing sugar can cause tooth decay. Cutting down on sugary snacks and drinks will help reduce this risk. Recommended foods to keep your teeth healthy and happy include cheese, fruit, nuts and vegetables. These foods can also prevent gum disease and protect your mouth against oral cancer.

Can smoking and drinking affect my teeth and gums? 

Tooth staining, tooth loss and mouth cancer are all common side effects of smoking. Smoking can also make gum disease worse. The best advice dentists have for smokers is to give it up, but if you can't, you should visit your dental team more often to compensate.

Alcohol also increases your risk of mouth cancer. Large consumption of alcoholic beverages containing sugar or acids can cause decay and erosion. Cutting down on your consumption could greatly benefit your oral health.

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What to expect at a Preventative Dental Appointment? 

Typically, a routine dental appointment will consist of a comprehensive exam (evaluation of your mouth for tooth decay, periodontal disease & oral cancer) and professional cleaning. TCD Madison dentists will:

  • Examine your teeth, gums and mouth for signs of disease
  • Take updated x-rays of your teeth, if needed 
  • Perform an oral cancer screening
  • Remove plaque buildup on your teeth and gums 
  • Answer your questions and concerns 

Dental Insurance Covers Preventive Care

Most dental insurance providers cover the costs of basic preventive care. TCD Madison accepts all the best Wisconsin insurers. We’re happy to help you understand what is and isn’t covered by your plan. For patients with no dental insurance, we use financing plans to make treatment as affordable as possible.

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Common Questions about Preventative Dental Care

Q: What is Preventative Dentistry?

A: Preventative dentistry is any dental appointment to check that your teeth are and remain in good health.

Q: Is there a link between oral health and heart disease?

A: A number of health problems are linked to poor oral health, including heart disease, diabetes, cancer, pregnancy problems and more. When gum disease gets out of control, the bacteria enters your bloodstream, leading to health problems you could have avoided with proper oral care.

Q: Is fluoride good for my teeth?

A: Yes, fluoride is a great, natural tool to fight tooth decay. Most toothpastes and some mouthwashes include fluoride to clean your mouth. It’s also found in drinking water, so you can always get protection for your teeth. During your dental checkup our dentists can suggest ways to get enough fluoride.

Q: Is too much fluoride bad for my teeth?

A: Consuming too much fluoride can sometimes cause a cosmetic issues known as fluorosis. This only occurs in young children under 8 years of age. For the most part, the only indication of fluorosis is mild discoloration of the teeth. It does not cause any functional problems or damage the teeth.

Q: Can I schedule a dentist checkup if I don't have dental insurance?

A: Yes, we encourage patients without dental insurance to get regular checkups. We offer financing plans and discounts so all our patients can get affordable dental care no matter their insurance situation.

Q: Do adults need annual dental checkups?

A: Yes, adult dental care is incredibly important for long-term wellbeing. Many adults think they no longer need to see a dentist regularly after they’ve lost all their baby teeth or had their braces removed. The only time they go to the dentist is when they are in pain, usually a sign of a big problem. It is preventative checkups which can find small oral health problems before they get worse. Our dentists can spot small cavities before they reach the roots. As a result, you’d only need a filling instead of an expensive and invasive root canal.

Q: Do seniors need to visit the dentist more often?

A: Yes, seniors should go the dentist on a regular basis. As we age, teeth and gums can begin to weaken. This leaves the mouth susceptible to disease. Preventative dentistry checkups lead to early solutions to protect your teeth as you age.

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No Insurance? We've Got You Covered.

Total Care Dental offers multi-level payment options for a variety of dental care services at our Madison, WI location. Enjoy routine checkups, cleanings, x-rays, periodontal preventative care and more without the hassle of dealing with insurance companies that don't value your time or health needs.

Benefits include:

  • Low-cost monthly payments
  • 10% off additional treatments
  • Immediate Benefits
  • Un-enroll any time
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