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Four Life Changing Implants in Madison

Total Care Dental in Madison is proud to offer Four Life Changing Implants to replace all your missing teeth in one visit! This replacement option is permanent like dental implants but complete like dentures. Schedule a consultation with Total Care Dental to replace your missing teeth with a natural-looking, long-lasting implant system.



Get a New Permanent Smile in One Dental Visit

Total Care Dental in Madison is proud to offer Four Life Changing Implants to give you a brand new smile that'll last you a lifetime. This procedure replaces all your missing teeth to improve your oral health and gives you a beautiful new smile in just one day. Schedule a consultation with Total Care for more information on replacing your missing teeth with a natural, permanent implant system.

It is incredibly common for adults to be missing some or all of their teeth. Teeth can fall out as you age or be knocked out by accident. Whatever the reason, replacing teeth with Total Care Dental's Four Life Changing Implants will save you money and make your smile beautiful again.

Replacement Teeth Consultation

How Total Teeth Replacement Works in One Visit

The process for Four Life Changing Implants is similar to the installation of traditional dental implants.

  • All your existing teeth are extracted.
  • Four posts are screwed in from the top of the gums down into the jaw bone on the top or bottom of the mouth.
  • Our dentists then secure the All-on-4 implants to your jaw using four screws.

Using only four or eight implants makes our process less invasive than using up to 32 individual dental implants for each missing tooth. Replacing all teeth individually also takes much longer since more posts will have to be screwed into the jaws. The gums will also have to heal before a crown can be added. This is why our all-on-four implants are superior. The 4 Life Changing Implants process can be completed in one appointment after your first consultation.


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Replacement Teeth Smile Better

Smile with Brand New, Beautiful Teeth

Without all of your teeth, your oral health and appearance will suffer. Missing teeth can make your mouth look sunken and aged and make eating and talking difficult and painful. Your jaw bone will also begin to deteriorate and weaken the roots of your remaining teeth.

When you get Four Life Changing Implants, they feel and function just like natural teeth. Each crown is customized to be the size, shape, and color you want for an instantly beautiful smile. The four posts prevent bone deterioration as well.

Every patient's oral health is different. Before you choose Four Life Changing Implants, consider other replacement options. Our dentists offer free cosmetic dentistry consultations to Madison patients. We may find a more effective option besides implants.

Affordable Alternatives to Implants

Removable dentures are the most common way to replace all teeth. While professionally made and shaped dentures are very effective at comfortably replacing teeth, Four Life Changing Implants provide a more permanent solution.

Key differences between removable dentures vs Four Life Changing Implants:

  1. Con: Special gel adhesives can hold dentures in place, but they only last for a certain amount of time and can be messy.
  2. Pro: Dental implants require no adhesives as they are connected directly to the jaw bone and create a secure bond between your new teeth and gums.
  3. Con: Dentures can cause daily discomfort if they do not fit properly.
  4. Pro: Soreness in your jaw and gums for a few months after the implant process will fade.
  5. Con: Dentures need to be regularly removed for deep cleanings.
  6. Pro: Caring for dental implants is easy, as you brush and floss them just like natural teeth.

Our Madison dentists will give you a thorough exam to determine the best option for your tooth replacement.

Replacement Teeth Smile Better
Replacement Teeth Smile Better

Dental Implant Recovery

After receiving your new Four Life Changing Implants, you'll begin the recovery process. Take 2-3 days to relax and adjust to your new teeth. There may be soreness in the jaw for some time after surgery. Using ice packs will reduce pain and swelling.

Soft foods and liquids are recommended during the first few weeks of recovery. When you can have solid food will depend on how fast you are healing and if your mouth is in any pain. A saltwater rinse should be done on the first day to clean your mouth. You should then resume normal brushing habits, although be gentle around the implant areas.

Common side effects include:

  • Swelling
  • Dry lips
  • Minor bleeding
  • Soreness


Total Care Dental Makes Dental Implants Affordable

Schedule a consultation with our dentists to determine if dental implants are the best option for improving and restoring your smile. We make payment simple by accepting most major dental insurance plans and financing options. Everything is possible with a beautiful, healthful Total Care Dental smile. Say goodbye to hiding your chipped, broken, or imperfect teeth and greet the world with a glowing smile.

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