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Delta Dental Insurance

Madison Dentists Welcome Patients with Delta Dental

Delta Dental, a premier provider, has individual and group dental insurance plans. The in-network dentists of Total Care Dental welcome patients with Delta Dental coverage. Set up an appointment for preventative, cosmetic, or restorative dental care.

Individual, Group, and Family Plans

Dental plans are available for groups, individuals, or families. Different plans for large (50+) and small (2-49) groups let businesses of all sizes benefit from insurance. Plans include:

  • Dental PPO plans
  • Dental HMO/prepaid plans
  • Fee-for-services plans
  • Discount plans

Plans can be customized to include certain benefits or procedures. Select from plans with 100% coverage or no copayments. Cost estimates are available before procedures to determine any required copays or fees. The Dental Care Cost Estimator provides an estimate of costs for plans.

An Insurance Plan with Vision

DeltaVision plans are also available at a discount when combined with a dental policy.

Save with In-Network Dentistry

Visiting an out-of-network dentist will require additional claim filing which you will be responsible for. You will be responsible for all claim submissions if you do not use an in-network dental clinic like Total Care Dental. Along with Delta Dental coverage, we offer dental financing plans to all our patients to lower procedure costs.

Delta Dental limits paper mail. Paperless statements are all available online for easier organization. Receive expedited claim notifications through the website. Or review your benefits package. You don’t even need a physical ID card when visiting our offices. Your card can be stored digitally on a smartphone for more convenience.

Contact Total Care Dental and schedule an appointment with Delta Dental premier provider dentists.