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American Dental Plan of Wisconsin (ADP)

Madison Dentists Accepting ADP Insurance

American Dental Plan of Wisconsin (ADP) is a pre-paid dental insurance network for employees of Dane County businesses. Total Care Dental of Madison accepts patients with ADP insurance plans. As an in-network provider, patients with ADP coverage can get preventative care and restorative services.

Plans are available with different coverage levels to meet your exact needs. Choose from basic diagnostics and preventative care or go for a plan including orthodontic care. Their full range of plans include:

  • Plan 1 - Diagnostic & Preventative Care
  • Plan 2 - Restorative Care
  • Plan 3 - Comprehensive
  • Plan 4 - Comprehensive Plus
  • Plan R (ACHIP Plan)
  • Plan C (ACHIP Plan)
  • Plan C+ (ACHIP Plan)

Every plan includes 100% coverage for diagnostic services.

Most cosmetic dentistry procedures are out-of-pocket costs. Some services, like composite fillings, may be covered under some restorative plans. Pick your plan carefully if you are hoping for cosmetic improvements to your teeth. Total Care Dental has very affordable cosmetic procedures so you can get the smile you’ve always wanted.

Dental Coverage for Small Businesses

Alliance Chamber Health Insurance program (ACHIP) plans are specially designed for Dane County businesses with fewer than 100 employees. This is a great option for employers who want to give their workers affordable coverage.

The Benefits of In-Network Madison Dentistry

Total Care Dental strives to make treatment affordable for all our patients. Our many dental financing plans help patients with and without insurance get a full range of services. Our friendly staff will go over all payment options with you.

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