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Principal Dental Coverage

Insurance Plans for Madison

Principal insurance for employers and employees covers regular exams and preventative care. They also provide retirement, vision, disability, critical illness, and general life insurance policies.

Group Dental Insurance

There are many flexible options to create a plan which fits the needs of everyone in the group. Most plans include preventative cleanings and checkups along with basic fillings. Coverage can begin right away for patients who need care now.

Plans can be employer-paid, voluntary, or self-funded. Additionally, group dental insurance is a great part of any workplace benefits package. New employees will be thrilled to hear they have coverage options.

In-Network Dentists in Madison

Total Care Dental uses dental financing plans to help our patients get affordable care even when they do not have insurance. From free cosmetic consultations to payment plans, there are so many options. Be sure to ask what we can do for you so you get the affordable smile you deserve.

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