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"Today was wonderful. I not only got a wonderful cleaning, but I received very helpful advice about how to reduce the sensitivity of my teeth along with how to go about fixing my tooth that has recently begun to relocate itself. Finally, everyone was very friendly and I headed home with a top notch tooth brush and sensitivity tooth paste, both of which I am extremely grateful for. Thank you for the wonderful visit! I love coming to you for my dental work, which should be made obvious based upon the fact that a visit requires a drive all the way to Madison from LaCrosse :D" - Christy K from LaCrosse, WI

The Madison cosmetic dentists at Total Care Dental are known for their friendly and professional approach towards patients. We specialize in top quality oral hygiene and cosmetic dentistry, helping your mouth look and feel its best. Some of our common dental services include cavity fillings, sealants, teeth contouring, teeth whitening, and veneers. Our Madison cosmetic dentists offer consultations, discussing your concerns and recommending the ideal service for your needs. We thoroughly explain our dental procedures and their benefits, giving clients a reason to trust our dentists. 

Chrissy is a recent patient at TCD who came in for a teeth cleaning service, but left with more than she expected. After providing a teeth cleaning, our dental hygienists discussed Chrissy’s ‘sensitive’ teeth, offering her expert advice along with a special toothpaste for her needs. Our Madison cosmetic dentist offered Chrissy advice on repositioning her crooked tooth as well, giving her a great reason to return to our dental office. Chrissy is impressed with our Madison cosmetic dentists and is happy to make the commute to TCD for her next service. 

Contact our Madison cosmetic dentists when you need porcelain veneers, teeth contouring, or whitening.
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