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Middleton Family Dentists Go Above and Beyond Expectations in Dental Hygiene Services

Exceptional Customer Service and Experienced Care from Middleton Family DentistsMadison Family Dentist

“My son and I recently came in for teeth cleaning. During his cleaning, his hygienist discovered a few issues with his braces. Not only did Dr. Salzmann call the orthodontist himself, but Scottie, his hygienist, drove him to the orthodontist herself, while my teeth were being cleaned. We couldn't ask for better service or better care. We feel like family and are treated that way each time we come in. We love our dental facility!!” - Kathy from Middleton, WI

Kathy brought her son in for a routine teeth cleaning. Our dental hygienist discovered a problem with her son’s braces, and immediately called their orthodontist for treatment. Kathy is incredibly pleased with our friendly staff and looks forward to coming back for future dental care services.

Our Middleton family dentists have exceeded expectations in customer dental care for many years. Our dental hygienist firm in Madison employs the most experienced and friendly staff, providing quality dental care for teens, children, and adults. Our Middleton family dentists walk our child patients through the dental procedures with sensitivity and care, offering prizes upon completion of the service.

Contact our Middleton family dentist when you’re seeking expert oral hygiene, teeth straightening, teeth contouring, or teeth whitening.
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