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Sauk City Family Dentists Provide Dependable and Enjoyable Oral Health Care

Personalized Care and a Commitment to Customer SatisfactionMadison Pediatric Dentist

"As usual Total Care is professional, courteous, and friendly. They want you to receive the best dental care and really seem to take your dental health to heart. You feel like a patient and not just a number. Great place." - Ralph K from Madison, WI

Total Care Dental (TCD) is the preferred dental health care clinic in Sauk City and surrounding areas. We are experienced, compassionate professionals who help you enjoy going to the dentist.  Whether you’re receiving a teeth cleaning or teeth whitening service, our dental care providers walk you through treatment procedures, telling you what to expect and reducing your anxiety. We never perform any dental service without first consulting you and explaining the reason. Never be afraid to go to the dentist when you switch to TCD. Our team of Sauk City dentists truly provides a rewarding experience for adults, children, and teens. 

Ralph is a recent patient at TCD who feels like a part of the family here. Our family dentists showed him they care about him and his teeth, gaining his confidence in our abilities. Ralph feels our dentists treat him as an important individual, exceeding his expectations and giving him a reason to return.

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