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Bonded Veneers vs Porcelain Veneers: Which Is Best?

Select the Right Cosmetic Dentistry for Your Teeth

Veneers are an easy, affordable way to improve the appearance of your smile. At Total Care Dental in Madison, we offer porcelain veneers and bonded (composite) veneers to our patients. Veneers change the size and shape of your teeth. Veneers most commonly correct:

  • Chips
  • Cracks
  • Crookedness
  • Gaps
  • Uneven size

Porcelain and composite veneers both work to fix these dental issues. Learn the differences between the two types of veneers before you schedule a consultation with our cosmetic dentists.

Pros of Porcelain

Cons of Porcelain

  • Realistic feel and appearance
  • Last 15-20 years with proper care
  • Resists stains
  • Good for correcting large gaps
  • Minimally invasive
  • More expensive than composite veneers
  • Take longer to shape and install
  • Need to be fully replaced if damaged

Pros of Bonded or Composite

Cons of Bonded or Composite

  • Applications can be made in one visit
  • More affordable than porcelain
  • Ideal for smaller corrections
  • Can be repaired when damaged
  • Minimally invasive
  • Last 5-10 years with proper care
  • Can stain
  • Easier to damage than porcelain


Our Total Care Dental team will recommend porcelain or composite veneers based on what is best for your situation. A free cosmetic dentistry consultation will allow our dentists to assess your teeth and determine the right solution. We will go over all the options available for improving your smile.

Before getting veneer ask our dentists about having your teeth whitened. Veneers cannot have their coloring changed after installation, so it is best to have a fresh white smile when selecting veneers.

Caring for New Veneers

Cleaning veneers is as simple as brushing your teeth. Both porcelain and bonded veneers require daily brushing and flossing. The veneer will protect the tooth underneath. Certain foods and beverages, like soda, may stain composite veneers if not regularly cleaned.

Total Care Dental believes in making dentistry affordable. Learn about our financing plans for patients with and without insurance.

Schedule your free veneer consultation at Total Care Dental.